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Southern Arizona Public Safety Employees Work Injury Lawyer

Public safety employees in Arizona risk their lives every day. As a result, they often suffer life-altering injuries. Fortunately, firefighters and police officers have the same rights to compensation as any other public or private sector employee. For more than 50 years, the attorneys at Clymer Legal have helped public safety employees obtain workers’ comp benefits. Our firm is dedicated to assisting public safety employees obtain benefits.

Pima County Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Public safety employees who suffer injuries that lead to temporary or permanent disability have the right to seek workers’ compensation. Our firm and our legal assistants will be available to answer your questions as we help you navigate the workers’ comp system.


Firefighters risk injury every time they respond to an emergency call. Our attorneys represent firefighters who have sustained burn injuries and lung injuries. In addition, many firefighters are exposed to known carcinogens when assigned a hazardous duty. If you have cancer and believe it may be related to an arson investigation or other assignment, our firm is prepared to handle your case.

Police Officers

Police officers are often injured while pursuing suspects. Whether you were shot, stabbed or injured in a car accident while on duty, you have the right to pursue compensation. Clymer Legal has successfully represented many Tucson area police officers, including one who was shot outside of work hours. Like firefighters, police officers are often exposed to hazardous materials that cause occupational diseases such as cancer.

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