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Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability

Arizona State Employees Workers’ Comp Lawyer

State, county and municipal employees have the same right to workers’ compensation as private sector employees. Like private sector employees, public employees often sustain injuries and need an attorney to help them navigate the workers’ comp and Social Security Disability systems. In Tucson, Arizona, the attorneys at Clymer Legal have been representing state employees for more than 50 years.

Whether you are a state office worker or a public safety employee, you have the right to pursue compensation when you are injured. Our firm can guide you through the process and appeal your claim if it was denied. If your injury has resulted in permanent disability, you may be entitled to a permanency award in addition to Social Security Disability benefits.

Southern Arizona State Disability Attorney

An Arizona public employee who receives long-term disability can hire our attorneys to represent him or her before the Social Security Administration and get a credit for the attorney fee. Although state employees on long-term disability have to refund a significant portion of Social Security Disability benefits, state law gives them a credit for any attorney fee. While the state disability program will offer to refer you to an out-of-state law firm that can help you, you are not required to work with that firm. You have the right to choose an attorney with whom you feel most comfortable. A local attorney can work with your doctor to make sure that Social Security understands the nature and extent of your disability.

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