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Tucson Permanent Disability Lawyer

When you cannot work due to an injury, you need to find another way to ensure financial stability for yourself and your family. Permanent disability can provide compensation to keep you afloat. Our attorneys can help ensure that you receive the compensation that your injury merits.

Southern Arizona Permanent Impairment Attorney

There are two types of permanent impairment: scheduled injuries, which include injuries to limbs, and unscheduled injuries, which include other types of injuries. For scheduled injuries, you will receive compensation for a limited number of months — even though your injury is permanent. For unscheduled injuries, you will receive a monthly payment for the rest of your life.

In some cases, it is possible to convert a scheduled injury into an unscheduled one. For example, if you injured your arm and have experienced depression as a result, our firm may be able to convert your scheduled injury into an unscheduled one.

No Impairment? Do Not Give Up!

Even if you have received a notice that says there is no impairment, do not give up. The workers’ comp system uses American Medical Association (AMA) guidelines to evaluate impairment, but you may still to be classified as permanently impaired. In addition, injuries are sometimes mistakenly classified as scheduled. Before you give up on the possibility of receiving benefits, schedule an initial interview with our firm.

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