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Nurses, doctors and other health care workers make great sacrifices — sometimes even risking their own health and safety to help sick or injured patients. Health care workers who experience work-related illnesses or injuries have the right to pursue workers’ compensation. In Tucson, Clymer Legal has represented injured health care workers for more than 50 years.

Pima County Nurse Injury Attorney

Nurses are most commonly injured when handling patients. When a patient collapses while a nurse is trying to move him or her, the nurse can experience a severe back injury. In addition, nurses are injured when assaulted by combative patients. Lastly, nurses may be exposed to bodily fluids and contract blood-borne illnesses like HIV, hepatitis C or MRSA. If you are a nurse and were injured or exposed to a patient’s blood, it is imperative that you report the incident immediately. In cases involving exposure to blood-borne illnesses, you must also get a blood test right away.

Workers’ compensation can provide financial stability for you and your family while you recover from your injury. If the injury is permanent, you may be entitled to a permanency award. Obtaining workers’ compensation, however, can be challenging. In addition to reporting the injury within the correct time frame, you need to establish a link that shows that the injury is work-related. Our firm thoroughly investigates work accidents to uncover compelling evidence.

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