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Many people give up after their Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or workers’ compensation claims are denied — they don’t realize that with a little persistence and the right attorney, this outcome could be reversed. For more than 50 years, the attorneys at Clymer Legal have helped injured workers appeal SSDI and work comp claim denials.

While a denied claim is frustrating, know that denied claims are very common. Sixty-three percent of SSDI claims are denied initially; 85 percent are denied upon reconsideration. While these numbers sound bleak, half of the applicants who request hearings receive SSDI benefits. In other words, the more you persist, the greater your chances for success.

If your claim is denied initially and after reconsideration, you will need to attend a hearing with the Social Security Administration. To be successful at this hearing, you will need evidence from a treating doctor who supports your disability claim. Statements from family and friends that document how your medical problems limit your ability to work are also very useful. In addition, you will need to provide honest testimony. You will want to show that you have followed your doctor’s advice. You need to know when your disability began and why you cannot do your former work or any other work. You need to answer the judge’s questions directly. If you have a history of substance abuse, you will need to show that you have been abstaining from alcohol or drugs.

Lastly, you will need an attorney to represent you. In many cases, people will go to these hearings with a non-attorney representative who does not have the depth of experience in the laws and regulations and may not have training or experience in cross-examination. An experienced Tucson denied SSDI claims attorney like Laura Clymer can help navigate the complex hearing process.

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