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Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability

Can someone receive both workers’ compensation and SSDI?

Workers Compensation

The average adult in the United States doesn’t have enough in savings to support themselves indefinitely without working. If someone experiences a sudden medical issue, they could become unable to work. That could quickly lead to financial struggles, especially if that person faces at least a year or more of being unable to work.

There are several different kinds of benefits available when people can no longer work to support themselves. Someone injured or sickened because of their work might qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Arizona workers’ compensation can pay for medical care related to someone’s work-acquired medical condition. It can also provide disability benefits when people cannot work.

There are some scenarios in which work-related medical issues ultimately leave someone permanently unable to continue working or away from work for years. Someone who cannot work at all because of a work-related medical issue might be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. Can an Arizona worker ever qualify for workers’ compensation and SSDI benefits at the same time?

Yes, workers can receive both benefits

Contrary to what many people might believe, it is possible to utilize more than one benefit program at a time, so long as someone is fully transparent about doing so and meets certain standards. If someone’s health challenges stem from their employment and prevent them from working at all, then they may qualify for both workers’ compensation and SSDI benefits.

Typically, disabled workers can only receive a portion of the standard SSDI benefits available. The combination of the two benefits can, at most, provide someone with 80% of their average weekly wage prior to their disabling medical condition.  It is not possible for someone to recover the entirety of their lost wages through workers’ compensation and SSDI benefits. Still, the combination of the two will provide more income and support than either alone in many cases.

If someone returns to work or receives certain other benefits, like private disability insurance, that can affect their eligibility for SSDI benefits and their workers’ comp will likely cease as well.

People may need to review their circumstances carefully to determine the best options for supporting themselves. Obtaining the right benefits can minimize the negative impact of a job-acquired medical condition with permanent consequences.