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3 common injuries that can happen to teachers

Workers Compensation

While most of us are aware that teaching is a demanding job, it is perhaps not a vocation that jumps out as being high-risk for work-related injuries. Nonetheless, teachers can be injured at work.

Outlined below are some of the more common types of injuries associated with the teaching profession.

Violence from students

Dealing with unruly students is part of the job description, and teachers are usually well aware of this. However, violent attacks are a different matter altogether. This is something that teachers may not be prepared for, but sadly, violence can occur among students or may even be directed at a teacher.

Injuries relating to your specialty

If you’re a physical education teacher, then you’re constantly on the move and engaging in sports and exercise. If your work is largely based in the science lab, then you are likely exposed to potentially dangerous substances and equipment. A fall on the playing field or an explosion in the lab could result in injuries that require you to take extended time off of work.

Don’t forget psychological harms

As well as physical injuries, you may suffer work-related psychological injuries as a teacher. If the pressure of your job has resulted in you suffering a mental illness, then you’re also going to need extended time off to recover from this.

If you’ve been injured while carrying out your duties as a teacher, then you may be entitled to legal compensation. Seeking guidance from someone with knowledge in this area will help you obtain the financial assistance you need while getting back on your feet.