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Being approved for disability can be hard for fibromyalgia sufferers

It’s difficult for most people to get approved for Social Security disability benefits today, let alone for those with an illness that some people still don’t believe exists. Fibromyalgia patients suffer from debilitating pain, yet unfortunately their symptoms are often all but invisible. Even health care professionals can make it hard for them to find relief, since many are unable or unwilling to provide documentation that proves a disability to employers and benefits agents.

If you have fibromyalgia and have been rejected for your Social Security disability claim, you’re far from the only one. According to Bankrate, about two-thirds of first time disability applications are rejected. Millions of people in Arizona and the rest of the country are applying for disability benefits every year, and the application system is swamped. Long delays have resulted, as well as an appeals process that can take years.

It can be hard to prove a need for disability from fibromyalgia

The Americans with Disabilities Act doesn’t have a detailed list outlining specific fibromyalgia symptoms and criteria, says WebMD. According to the ADA’s definitions, some people with fibromyalgia would fall under the category of disabled, while others wouldn’t. Fibromyalgia can be hard to prove to the Social Security Administration, since its symptoms are notoriously difficult to diagnose. The symptoms often resemble the symptoms of a variety of other illnesses, according to Doctors usually come to a conclusion by ruling out symptoms instead of having a specific fibro test. Some sufferers are not even diagnosed at all, or are misdiagnosed.

Filing an appeal

Several options exist to file an appeal for a disability denial:

  • Get an evaluation from a doctor specializing in fibromyalgia.
  • Keep records of your prescribed fibro pain medications.
  • Collect detailed documentation on your condition from doctors and therapists.
  • Hire a disability attorney as soon as possible after your claim denial.

If you’ve been denied, don’t panic. Most disability claims will be denied, and at this stage it’s important to gather your supporting evidence, hire an attorney and not give up.

Promising advances in diagnosis research

New research has discovered possible evidence that fibro sufferers experience visible nerve damage, according to American News Report. Doctors may now be able to diagnose the illness earlier, as well as provide the proof that patients need to support their disability claims.

Fibromyalgia patients don’t deserve to suffer without getting disability relief. If you’ve been denied your fibro disability claim, contact an attorney with experience in getting claims and appeals approved.